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PolyShave Decon Towel

PolyShave Decon Towel


CarPro PolyShave Decon Towel

  • With our advanced Rubber Polymer Technology bonded to a 12" x 12" Microfiber towel you have another excellent option from CarPro for eliminating the need for detailing clay.


    • Always wash vehicle before use of Polyshave or clay products
    • Important: Break in PolyShave towel by using on the glass before use on paint.
    • Keep surface well lubricated with Ultima Waterless Wash Plus or your favorite clay lubricant.
    • Keep surface wet and well lubricated during each section
    • Do not use heavy pressure, simply glide across surface with pad flat
    • Rinse often to maintain a clean working surface
    • Wipe off each section with Microfiber towel before moving to next

    Deep Cleaning Tip:

    • For deep cleaning the paint simultaneously use Iron X Paste as your lubricant.  



    • As with any mechanical decontamination products, polishing afterwards may be needed to remove micro marring
    • Store in closed container after use with polyshave side facing up with no contact of any other material pressing against it
    • Do not store in vehicle or allow to sit in usn or heat for extended periods 
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